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More Attractive

We plan to deliver our vision to make Lowestoft more attractive to visitors, businesses and our local community celebrating the towns culture, heritage and wonderful natural environment. We will ensure that the BID area will continue to look more attractive with Floral displays and colourful bunting. Also to introduce other schemes forwarded by the local businesses.

Lowestoft Vision in partnership with Waveney Norse will provide the attractive floral displays, through the town from May  - October every year to create a colourful welcome to the town. In addition we will decorate the town to fit in with national celebrations. In 2013 bunting was put up through the town to celebrate 100 years since the birth of Lowestoft composer Benjamin Britten.

In 2013 Lowestoft Vision invested in new Christmas lights for Lowestoft to improve the festive look of the town. Each year Lowestoft Vision will arrange for the Christmas lights to to installed as well as looking at options to add festive displays in other areas of the town centre.

Working with Waveney District Council, Lowestoft Vision has been able to and will continue to improve the cleanliness of the town centre, ensuring that streets are cleaned to a high standard that reflects the town.

BID levy payers can take advantage of a free cardboard collection service provided by Lowestoft Vision. The service includes a free weekly pick up of cardboard by a licenced team who will provide you with formal receipts. Lowestoft Vision have committed to this service to enable businesses to be able to reduce their waste collections fees.  To join the scheme simple let us know how much cardboard you have and how often you would require a pick up. The cardboard needs to be separated from any other waste material and stored in a location where we can gain access. For further information on the cardboard collection scheme please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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