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More Influential

Lowestoft Vision will be working with all partners from the Public, Private and voluntary sectors to ensure that the town continues to thrive. We will continue represent BID members on the issues that are important to them and work with partners to ensure that these issues are addressed.

Over the past year Lowestoft Vision has continued its partnership with Waveney District Council and Waveney Norse to ensure that baseline agreements in the town such as street cleaning reach the standards required.

We have actively worked with Suffolk Police and Access Community Trust to reduce issues such as street drinking and begging in the town centre.

We have regular contact with our local MP, hosted two Ministerial visits to the town and were invited to attend a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron when he visited the town. On these occasions we have been able to put forward the views of local businesses on what the government can do to improve trade to Lowestoft.

As future plans develop, Lowestoft Vision will be at the table representing local business on the matters that impact on you that will improve our town.

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